The importance of commercial insurance

June 5, 2014

At Remingtons Insurance Brokers we cover all elements of insurance but today’s focus is on our commercial arm.

The name – commercial insurance – is self-explanatory, but the name alone does not explain the importance of commercial insurance.

There can be no doubt that a high-quality commercial policy is just about the best investment a business can make. You can have the most successful business in Ballarat and Geelong districts, but if disaster strikes and you’re uninsured or under-insured, all your hard work could be for nothing, particularly if the damage to your premises, equipment or workforce is severe.

While most people think about insurance coverage for problems such as property damage and perhaps theft, commercial enterprises can also take out cover for setbacks such as business interruption or injuries suffered by employees. Then there are policies such as professional indemnity insurance which cover your and your workers when the services or advice you provide don’t deliver what your clients expect. Business glass insurance is another of our commercial packages and, yes, the name reflects exactly what that cover provides. It stops your profits going out the window when those expensive glass windows shatter.

Yes, the spectrum of commercial insurance policies is wide and there’s no doubt that broad range of policies can be confusing, particularly if you’re a stranger to the world of insurance of a newcomer to the world of commercial business.

This is where Remingtons Insurance Brokers comes in. We talk to you about your business; we assess the risks and recommend the best and most suitable commercial policies relevant to your profession.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a vast commercial or industrial enterprise, a shop or an office, we’ll have a retail business insurance policy or office insurance package that precisely suits your needs.

Get in touch today and talk to us about your insurance requirements.