Monthly Archive: September 2015

Home Insurance – What You Need to Know

September 10, 2015Home Insurance generally takes on two forms in Australia; Insured (Defined) Events and Accidental Damage. You may or may not recognise these terms as just about every insurer calls their cover something different – like Silver or Gold cover, Classic or Elite, Basics or Extras, and so on. They’re all essentially the same two levels...
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Your Personal Insurance Broker – Ballarat

September 8, 2015Home ownership is booming in Australia. Often the family home (and the things you fill it with) is your largest asset and as such, the insurance you choose to cover your most important asset, is crucial. And it’s not just home owners, but tenants who should think carefully about cover for their belongings also. Your insurance contract, can be...
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Friday at Five with Lisa Clark

September 4, 2015It’s that time again. We’re stopping by the desk of Lisa Clark to ask her a few questions, and see what makes her tick. Lisa brings energy and enthusiasm to the Remingtons sales team with her solid sales background and eagerness to settle in to the insurance industry. Ballarat brokers watch out – Lisa has...
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