Home and Contents Insurance Claims Ballarat

August 28, 2019

If you have had any accidental damage, loss or theft to your home or contents, below are some details/documents we may require to ensure your claim goes smoothly – If you have a fire or a burglary, please call 000 immediately

Accidental Damage

  • Date of loss
  • Loss location
  • What happened
  • Report from builder/plumber outlining damage
  • Quote for repairs

Loss/Theft of contents

  • Date of loss
  • Loss location
  • Where it happened
  • Police Report (if theft) or lost property report (if lost)
  • Proof of ownership (receipts, photos, box it came in, instruction book etc..)
  • Quotes for replacement

If you have water damage to your home, please call the office on 03 5333 8000 as soon as possible so we can help get someone to you to fix the problem.

As soon as you have experienced any accidental loss, damage or theft please call your broker to advise them of this so they can help you with your claim.