Car Insurance – Ballarat

August 9, 2019

Private Motor Insurance is essential to anyone who owns or regularly operates a vehicle on the road. Many people in Ballarat over the age of 18 own vehicles, however many of them may not be adequately covered in the event of a single vehicle accident or a collision with a Third Party.

There are 3 key types of Private Motor Vehicle Insurance and depending on the variances of all vehicles, such as make, model, age and value of the vehicle, you may want to explore one of the three below options.


Comprehensive Motor Insurance is the highest type of cover you can purchase for your vehicle. Not only does it cover your vehicle in the event of an incident it also covers any Third Party property or vehicle damage that may come as a result of a collision in which you are at fault. We can also offer covers such as windscreen excess removal, hire car, agreed value for your vehicle & roadside assistance cover.


This cover protects you for any damage to a Third Party’s vehicle that may result from a collision of your fault but can also provide cover to your vehicle in the event that it is stolen or destroyed by fire. Cover is also provided in the event that you are hit by a vehicle in which the third party does not have vehicle insurance at all. This may be a useful option for a young driver or a low valued vehicle.


Third Party Property Damage cover protects you purely for any Third Party damage arising from your vehicle. This cover may be suitable for Vehicles that don’t have high value.

Ultimately the value of the vehicle and age of nominated drivers are key in determining appropriate Private Motor Cover. It is important to disclose all drivers of a vehicle when arranging Private Motor Insurance and is also important to have an accurate idea on the value of your vehicle. This will lead to full peace of mind that you are adequately covered in the event of a claim.

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