Commercial insurance, Ballarat

Businesses with inadequate insurance cover rarely recover from disasters – that’s a fact.

Research shows up to 70 percent of under-insured or uninsured Australian small businesses collapse from the impact of natural events such as floods, fires, storms and earthquakes, or man-made calamities such as legal claims.*

Don’t take the risk with your livelihood, or the livelihoods of your employees. Talk to our commercial and business insurance brokers at Remingtons Insurance Brokers in Ballarat.

Remingtons Insurance Brokers commercial insurance range comprises of:

To discuss the best options to protect your commercial enterprise, contact us at Remingtons Insurance Brokers and a commercial insurance broker from our team will work with you to ensure you have the coverage you require for your business.

Remingtons Insurance Brokers also provide an extensive range of specialised insurance products such as farm insurance and personal insurance Ballarat and Geelong-wide.

Refer to your current policy schedule for sums insured, and to the insurer’s product disclosure statement (PDS) for inclusions and exclusions to your current policy.

* Figures from Business Victoria

Business Insurance

Australian businesses already face enough daily challenges without having to worry about the headaches of unexpected disasters and their impact on financial viability. Mother Nature can take her toll, but man-made crises can also hit hard, so it pays to have the best and most relevant coverage available. Vandalism such as graffiti is one of...
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Professional Indemnity Insurance

In today’s increasingly litigious society, professional indemnity insurance has become a must-have component of any business plan. Professional indemnity insurance helps protect businesses and individuals from the costs of damages which might follow breaches of their professional duties. And where once commercial liability insurance was perhaps considered the domain of doctors, lawyers, accountants and similar professions,...
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Commercial Vehicles

If you are the brains behind your business, then your vehicles may be the lifeblood as they transport your workers and products to their various destinations. If your vehicles grind to a halt, so does your business and so does your cash flow. A recent Australia Motor Vehicle Census revealed Australia had more than 17 million...
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Trade Credit Insurance

Trade credit insurance takes the risk out of providing customers with credit terms. Trade credit insurance can provide you with cover against commercial bad debts, thereby protecting one of your most important assets – your cash flow. Remingtons Insurance Brokers provide businesses in Ballarat with a high level of service and professionalism in regards to...
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Workcover Insurance

Workcover insurance or “WorkSafe” insurance as it is referred to in Victoria is required even if you are a small company with only one employee. It is also a legal requirement if you have apprentices or trainees working for you. For business in Ballarat and beyond, WorkSafe injury insurance is a specialised area of insurance which can be...
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Trade, Construction & Owner Builder Insurance

Trade insurance There are many options when it comes to insurance for a tradesperson, but the most widely taken insurance covers are: Public liability insurance Tools of trade (general property) insurance Trailer insurance Commercial vehicle insurance Machinery insurance. Construction insurance and owner-builder insurance Construction Insurance and Owner Builder Insurance provides cover for the building/contract works...
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