Aviary bird insurance, Ballarat

Australia’s only aviary bird insurer

All aviculturists will have read or gleaned from personal experience an awareness of the needs to be careful when it comes to the security of aviary birds.

There are many measures that can be taken to help avoid the heartache caused by the loss of some or all of the birds in your aviary or aviaries. This insurance product is designed to assist financially when disaster strikes.

Who may apply for cover?

All aviculturists and pet bird owners.

The policy

The policy is underwritten by a leading Australian insurance company. This product has provided valuable financial protection to aviculturists Australia-wide for the past 25 years.

Scope of cover


Means physical loss of, destruction of or damage to, property, caused by fire, storm, water, explosion, lightning or flood.


Means theft or attempted theft after forcible and violent entry to the locked building or aviary.

Malicious damage

Means damage to property caused by vandalism by persons other the owner or tenant of the property.

For more information or to obtain a quote, contact our team at Remingtons Insurance Brokers and remember, we are Australia’s only aviary bird insurance broker! And as it’s unlikely that aviary bird insurance is the only insurance product you need, talk to us about all your personal insurance and Ballarat business insurance needs too.

Refer to your current policy schedule for sums insured, and to the insurer’s product disclosure statement (PDS) for inclusions and exclusions to your current policy.